Thursday, April 28, 2016

"I am not sure if my plant is living or died." - we can help You

Elisa with her 20 years old Yukka
Are you not sure if your plant is still living or already died? Maybe you don't want to throw out your presumably died plant on the street or next to or into the dustbin? We can help you. we had the same problemes before we've found our way to treat this sad but hopefully question. we can help you with consultancy (psycological, anamnesis, etc.) We give you some hope until there is a cure but yeah if there is no more hope than we can bring your plant to the riverbank of Landwehrkanal where we give your plant back to the Nature, with music and a little and simple farewell ceremony.

Write us if you need this help. (you can write to Lajhi on Lajhi's fbook page yeah Lajhi works with us):

Lajhi with their Cactus
youtube link

Lajhi with their tree



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