Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finding Jack [2 giant posters!]

...some months ago a friend of mine asked me for doing an anti-performance for his birthday. i really can not dance, but why not? i did it....some weeks ago i was set up because of some news and wrote a short text and wanted to share it with more people, yeah why could i not have introduced it via a rap song on the stage or via a trash punk video? ....some days ago when i was sick, there came somebody into our kitchen and said me > i can heal you this afternoon< she is acupuncture therapist and yeah why could i not have done an interview with her during the treatment, as like in a talk show? ..and some hours ago my flatemate asked me >can you come with me? we should play in an antifa short film...< i played the role of a racist..there will be the premiere next monday in the nauny ballhaus... That's the way Jack Malanders was born from me...from my not-really-known performer side..... i took these 2 photos yesterday for Jack's fans... it could be just a joke and someone can ask why? instead of why not....but meanwhile...i realised that music and performing how can help someone during harder times. if i learn/hear music or dance, i feel myself as like a child...can stop with thinking too much and with is a neverending forgetting. yeah can stop with forgetting by drawing will be falling in love with the small stone or the old shoes what you are drawing...talking with people can be the same, if you really listen to them! yeah and walking on the streets or in the wood...can be the same peace...yeah creating and love.. and noone can hurt the deepest part of your soul. never let it happen!


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