Monday, June 1, 2015

RANA / one-question-interview with Rana Fahran, the first blues singer of Iran

Lajhi: A friend of mine (Emő) told me about You. She mentioned a film "No one knows persian cats" and that, you should not have played yourself in this film. My question is that, if i can ask that: why? maybe because of political causes, if i suspect well...because you are female singer?

Rana: The film "No One Knows About Persian Cats" was filmed entirely in Iran and although the director Bahman Ghobadi asked me to appear in the movie, I felt it was too risky to return to Iran for pretty much the same reasons you stated. Women are not allowed to perform as a lead singer and I could have been possibly arrested or detained. The director felt my music was an integral part of the film so he decided to show a blurred silhouette to represent me.

Rana's bio:

You can find Rana's voice from the 29minute of the movie under this link:

i really like the animation-video of the song:

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