Saturday, August 23, 2014

About a tree

I am a tree...i can see a lot of things, maybe better than this camera..

now you can see me

maybe other too [under my leaves]

and this other one can see me too

and you can see this other one too. i care about it/her/him

i care about the birds too

but i don't mind smog, i can bear it smooth.

yeah and am organic design street-furniture too, multifunctional...i stand by you in the rain if you would like meditation helper too..

  I don't wanna boast a star too...
as walking-tree in a music video of Pete Doherty
after Peter's video I played the lead in an other video...

i really like time traveling

but what i really like to make is... to live, to watch/listen to the other living beings or not living creatures (bikes, stones, water, ping pong-ball, etc.) and maybe i will surprise someones but.. to be humane. i spend a lot of time thinking about what there will be 300 years after and then what counts? it's a good question@Dalai Lama, i think.
and...i've got an unattainable dream...once singing with you and my friends in Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke Bar...but after all i can believe in evolution.

[Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars]

photos and text@Lajhi

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