Sunday, April 1, 2018

6,5 years Lajhi blog - Lajhi blog is going to move and continues forever

I launched Lajhi blog with my stuffed sloth in my neck in 2011 when I immigrated to Germany. It begans with taking pictures with an old dummy handy with a really few pixels, than i draw comics, made interviews, took pictures etc. about the wonder around me.

I wanna make Lajhi blog independent as much as it is possible and right now I am working on this in a technical sense. Yeah but independent from what? I don't want to scandalise and I don't want to cause panic at google/youtube/fbook etc. users. I am not a programmer, IT expert etc. I don't know if I can trust what Richard Stallman , free software movement activist and programmer says and how transparent the softwares on the Free Software Directory are. I can make Lajhi only safer but never safe.

What is sure? (: Lajhi blog continues.

Many thanks go to the helper of Lajhi blog: Flo, Jasmin, Livi and Andrea in Hamburg. The models and interviewed people, friends in Berlin, India, Bulgaria, Budapest and everywhere on the world. And maybe the most important: many thanks go to the followers, i hope you will find the blog after its moving to wordpress.

LAjhi in 2011, Hamburg

[Some technical details:]

In the time of the writing of this post, you can find the blog on and the videos of Lajhi blog are uploaded on youtube. and Youtube belong to Google. There is a facebook site of Lajhi blog with 164 followers for sharing there if there is a new post on the blog.

I have a strong intuition for a while that Lajhi blog should be moved from the sites above. Right now I am working on this, am moving Lajhi's videos from youtube to vimeo, the whole blog from to, and there will be soon no facebook site to this blog.
[I try to find a way, how could i make Lajhi videos independent from vimeo too, so this is not a recommendation from me for using vimeo, but temporally I find it better than letting Lajhis videos on youtube.]

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